Anne, why are there so many different names for all the different styles of photography?!

listen, i’m equally as confused. Let me break it down for you.


What is Lifestyle

Felicia Chang, Photographer and Click Photo School Instructor, said it best in an article I once read, “In essence, lifestyle photography is the artistic vehicle for conveying life through rose-coloured glasses, like a good fiction book with a happy ending. It is not that the moments are not real, because they are. They simply had to be guided into place for brevity’s sake.”

For your lifestyle session, you choose the setting. I want you to select a location where you spend “real life” time. I’ll make photos of you and your family doing things that you’d typically do. This can be at your home, or a local venue where you all spend time together as a family. If you don’t have a particular setting in mind, I’m happy to suggest a few local spots!


What is Documentary Photography?

If you’re looking family photos of your family in matching outfits, peacefully watching the sun go down while your little one sits quietly on your lap with a clean face (no caked on boogers, here!) with a picture perfect smile on their face….well, these sessions aren’t for you.

If you’re interested in photos that tell your families story. One that may include temper tantrums, running children, throwing food, boo boo kisses, and lots of laughter, that’s documentary photography. I will capture your life exactly as it is. There won’t be posing, or me giving verbal cues as to how to stand, sit, whatever.

I can promise you one thing. The authenticity captured will be photos your kids will share with their grand kids someday.


What are Modern

Lets talk stylistically, what exactly are you looking for? I had zero intention of getting into commercial photography, until a few clients reached out asking for non-traditional head shots, head shots that go against the ‘status-quo.’ No cheesy backdrops happening here!

With each session I’ve completed, I’ve fallen more and more in love with helping my clients bring their vision to life! They want photos that represent THEM. Photos that are personalized, unique and speak to the customers they are trying to reach.

We’ll do close ups, full length shots, as well as action shots of you doing whatever it is that makes you smile. And while we’re at it, my goal is to always make you feel like a supermodel.